Hans Gronhi GH-525

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Hans Gronhi
5 Colour
Year of manufacture:

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Hans-Gronhi GH-525
Age 2011
Circa 26 million impressions
Off press control consul with CIP3 compatibility
Touch screen controls
Network ready
Remote ink profile setting (fully automated with CIP3 link)
Fully automatic quality control colourbar scanning device
Semi automatic plate loading with pre load facility
Cylinder movement-circumferential-lateral and diagonal
Semi automatic plate change
Stream feeder
Ultrasonic double sheet detection
Pneumatic side lay
Automated ink sweep with pre-inking facility
Precision laser cut ink keys
Automatic roller wash (programmable)
Continuous metered dampening system with an oscillating bridge roller and pre-damp facility
Automated refrigeration – recirculation and dosing unit
Powder spray unit with heated reservoir and vibration
Sheet de-curler
Air shower in delivery
Numbering and perforating (swing away unit)

Hans Gronhi GH-525Hans Gronhi GH-525Hans Gronhi GH-525Hans Gronhi GH-525Hans Gronhi GH-525Hans Gronhi GH-525