Sakurai 566 SIC

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566 SIC
5 Colour
Year of manufacture:
June 2014

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Sakurai 566SI+C
Age: 2004
format: 660 x 470mm
printing speed: 4000 – 15000iph
stock range: 0.04 – 0.4mm
Circa: 50 Million impressions
Equipped With:
Blanket wash, Synchronous wash up system, Weko AP 110 powder spray, Baldwin IR dryer, Non stop delivery, SAS Auto setting of sheet format (sheet size and thickness preset device), SAS Auto setting of pressures, Suction belt feeding, Anti static eliminator bars, Front guide sensor, Side lay sensor, Ultra-sonic double sheet detector, Mechanical double sheet detector, Automatic ink roller wash-up, Ink duct time adjustment system, Continuous dampening system, SPC semi automatic plate changing, Remote control plate cylinder adjustment, Automatic running register, Automatic cocking, Automatic impression adjustment system, Quick release blanket bar, Semi-high pile, Motorized positioning delivery vacuum wheels, Motorized delivery pile board, Sheet de-curler, Baldwin circulation, Delivery top console type, SIS-Sakurai interactive system. Harris Bruno chambered ductor blade coating system, Litho Coat solution pumping system.

Sakurai 566SI+CSakurai 566SI+CSakurai 566SI+CSakurai 566SI+CSakurai 566SI+C